Lightfield Bucks, Boars & Bears 2 3/4″ 12G Shells


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Lightfield’s Bucks, Bears & Boars offer discriminating slug gun hunters a premium 12-gauge round that combines the proven IDS design with a lighter, faster, 465-grain pure lead slug that shoots flatter than a Kansas parking lot. Like all Lightfield slugs, the Lightfield Bucks, Boars & Bears (LBBB-12) 2-3/4″ 12-gauge slug is designed to chamber to any barrel, ensuring consistent performance in both rifled and smooth bore shotguns. The speedy LBBB-12 leaves the muzzle at an impressive 1,600 fps with a massive 2,643 ft-lbs of energy, before delivering a staggering 1,094 ft-lbs into its target at 125 yards with a mere ¾” of drop. The impact-discarding sabot design helps control the expansion of the slug upon impact, boring through hide, tough tissue and bone to penetrate deeply where full expansion then occurs. Box of five.

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