ATN ABL Smart Rangefinder, LRF 1500m w/Bluetooth ACMUABL1500


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The ATN Auxiliary Ballistic Laser is the perfect accessory for your ATN Smart HD Optics device, like your X-Sight 4K, X-Sight II, or your Mars 4 thermal scope. Take your accuracy to whole new levels by adding the ABL system which adds accurate rangefinding up to 1500 meters, as well as your scope with built in ballistic calculator which connects with your ABL to easily and automatically helps you make the perfect shot every time. Its bluetooth connectivity and its up to six month battery life combine to give you a rugged and easy to use device that compliments your Smart HD Optics device perfectly. Get ready for a whole new world of hunting!

• Simple & Quick to Attach
• Smart Controls
• Bluetooth
• Distance to Object on Video

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